Our Team


Oliver Driever, owner

Before founding the company, Oliver worked in Sales & Management roles in several European countries for 15 years. As a Geographer by education he is a keen cultural traveler and very interested in environmental and socio-economic dynamics evolving from climate change prospects; as an Entrepreneur by heart he is convinced that open source appropriate technology in combination with clever and inclusive commercial approaches has the potential to help many tackling the everyday challenges of today and tomorrow.


Amna Raja, Engr, Executive Assistant , Project Engineer Electrical Systems

Amna is an electrical power engineer and OSAT specialist. Committed to the humanitarian sector, she has professional experience across: Sustainable Power & Development, WASH, Energy & Environment, and Innovation Management. She works on multidisciplinary projects which she believes reflect the socio-economical and environmental challenges faced in Pakistan and South Asia.

Bahroz Ali.jpg

Bahroz Ali

Bahroz holds a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and is enthusiastic about OSAT engineering and human centered product design. With Unbound Engineering he is responsible for the automatisation and ICT monitoring of all our food/ lifestock related urban farming projects in Pakistan/ South Asia and Zambia/ Southern Africa.


Angela Chilinda,

Country Director Zambia

Angela has a wide range of experience in humanitarian field. Professionally, she has hands-on experiences across: project interventions that address issues of food insecurity primarily through agriculture, water and sanitation, education, health, infrastructure development, livelihood and child protection in the process of transforming lives of diverse communities. In the age of climate change with excess climate variability, she works with stakeholders promoting climate smart agriculture to improve adaptive capacities in food security and livelihood productions. She has procurement skills with responsibility to evaluate suppliers, products and services.

Improving the well-being and the future of children and women has continued to be the focus of everything she does and hence promoting food security is a call to all.


Mathews Daka, Technical Advisor

Mathews is an experienced local guide and facilitator for humanitarian projects in Zambia´s Eastern Province. He knows what works, what doesn´t work and what do you about it. Mathews is very well connected within the communities and creates stable and trustful relationships with the local people. In addition to that he is an accomplished small holder farmer himself, raising goats for dairy and meat and chicken for eggs and meat.

Mathews is very interested and knowledgable in hands-on low tech solutions to the everyday life problems of the people in Zambia.

As a young dynamic professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and as husband and father of two he is working hard on improving the living conditions for the people in his region, every day.