This is unbound engineering lab – a transnational Engineering firm – based in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Heat waves, unsafe drinking water, no access to electricity, poverty and inequality due to lack of opportunities: These are the key issues, which we dedicate our attention to. Our outspoken aspiration is to transform low-tech ideas and concepts into sustainable, affordable and strong-selling products. We closely collaborate with affected people of diverse cultural backgrounds – entrepreneurial and with abundant commitment.

To successfully implement our ideas we work with friends, peers and partners on-site, developing products & services, which solve real problems of everyday life. At the same time, we co-startup local workshops, the ´unbound tech labs´. Currently we are working with teams in Switzerland, Pakistan, Italy.

Watch out for there is more to come! - We go fast!

This is an exciting journey. I invite you to join!

Thank you.

Oliver Driever, Founder