This is Unbound Engineering Lab based in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

We are unbound geographically and mindfully engineering beyond.

We find, invent, design and prototype clever and simple solutions that make a difference, focusing on atmospheric water generation, local food security and staying healthy in challenging conditions. We are part of the Open Design Movement and apply the maker manufacturing approach to production.

At the Swiss office appropriate tech solutions (OSAT) are selected, re-engineered and adapted where necessary, then, with community members and staff at our field offices they are prototyped, tested and optimised. Locally available resources and materials build the core to our hands-on solutions. Our products/ services are produced & serviced and distributed from within the communities where we work.

Currently we have Country offices in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and Nyimba, Zambia.

 This is a truly exciting journey.

I invite you to join!

Oliver Driever